Know Who Is Dispensing Free Investment Advice

There are an increasing number of websites providing investors with free advice. Some offer reports and the latest trends in the market for comparison and strategy implementation. Others offer in-depth analysis, predictions, and recommendations on specific companies of interest. Before acting on any advice, it is important to know the source of that advice. Brokerage firms have informative websites to provide investors with tools needed to make trades online. Educating people improves businesses because the more successful investors are, the more money they will have to make trades. That provides firms with commission fees that add up quickly, even at a low flat rate.

Some website operators claim to be experts in the field because they have been investing for several years. Always check out the “about us” page on a site to review credentials, learn about practical experience, and find out if the expert owns any businesses that are trading publicly. That research will give investors a general idea of the reliability of the information. There are many independent consultants who operate websites with free information as a way to entice people to subscribe to their service or site. It allows people to follow the progress of suggested stocks and determine if the operator has a high success rate. Some may also offer an introductory price to subscribe or a trial subscription. Review the terms of the trial before signing up. The important things to remember is when the trial ends and how to cancel the subscription if desired.

The other type of expert is one who claims to be proficient in a specific area of investing. Professionals will provide examples of insight, outline their success rates in detail, and explain what makes them an expert in that field. Many are authors, have extensive backgrounds in a field, or advise companies and countries regarding the field. One example is Dr. Kent Moors who operates the Oil and Energy Investor website. He provides information about oil, gas, coal mining, wind turbines, and solar energy as well as defense investing. The site includes credentials, an impressive track record, and detailed information that outlines reasoning for suggestions. There are also links to relevant sites, often with instructions to read my review here, or see this report that coincides with stated facts. Investing is always risky, so do some research on experts and websites before acting on free advice.