Am I being bullied? When and how to stop your classmates from bullying you

“Am I being bullied?” Most people think the answer to this question should be obvious. Even more common is the idea that all behavior can be strictly categorized as either bullying or not. In reality, the situation is not so black and white. Young people are often bullied for quite a long time without even realizing.

Sometimes, you could know that you are not being treated fairly, yet it would still be impossible for you to explain the nature of the treatment you are receiving. Even worse, you may find yourself thinking that it is your fault that your classmates treat you in a certain manner. Bullying can range from physical to psychological and each of these acts always intends to make the victim feel like they are to blame for their predicament. How do you tell if you are a victim of bullying?

The best way to determine if you are being bullied is to analyze your experiences and how they make you feel. You can write my essay. Immediately you get the feeling that you might be a victim, begin to document each of these acts including details of all those involved in a chronological manner.

The following are some tell-tale signs of bullying;

  • You find yourself isolated from your peers during most activities, not usually by choice.

Whether you are exempted from group activities, denied information on when an activity is going to happen, given more work to do than others whenever you have a group project, ignored whenever you voice your opinion or given silent treatment, you should notice that these are red flags of mistreatment and sometimes bullying.

  • You are often controlled

You might find that you are always being criticized by your peers who encourage you to believe you are the problem and make you feel guilty. They may also threaten, shout at you, insult or humiliate you.

  • You face physical abuse

Someone might hit you or be violent towards you.

These are the three main signs of bullying. While there are obvious ones like physical violence, psychological bullying is less obvious and harder to prove.

What can you do when you realize you are the victim of bullying from your classmates?

  • Voice your disapproval- be firm in telling your classmates no whenever they try to force you to do something you do not want to
  • Document how they treat you- this does not mean you persevere bad treatment for years, immediately you realize this, document the next incident.